Who will bear Coutinho’s salary from July?


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The entire football arena has been turned upside down due to the Corona epidemic. At other times, European leagues usually end in the third week of June. As such the clubs also have contracts with the players.

However, this time the situation is much different than other times. Because even if June ends, that season is unlikely to end. Although the German Bundesliga has started, there is still uncertainty about other leagues. Other leagues, including La Liga, could start in the second or third week of June. The future of the Champions League is still uncertain.

In this case, the question has arisen as to who will bear the salaries of the players on loan. Coutinho’s loan with Bayern Munich will expire in June. From then on, he will become a Barcelona player again. But if the season is not over, he will not be able to play for Barcelona and will not have a contract with Bayern. In this case, Bayern will not be a Bayern player if he does not extend his contract with Coutinho. He will not be able to play as a Barca player again as the old season is not over. In this situation, another problem has started with who will pay his salary.

Not only Coutinho, but there is also confusion about the salaries of other players who are on loan in different clubs. Premier League authorities have already allowed players to sign contracts until the end of the season. However, the consent of the player must be. However, this does not solve all the problems. FIFA’s intervention is needed to solve the problem as a whole. FIFA has already begun discussing these issues. However, the fate of the players who are on loan in different clubs is hanging until the result comes.

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