Thomas Muller : Intelligence Over Talent

Thomas Muller Intelligence Over Talent
Thomas Muller Intelligence Over Talent

Back in 2011, Thomas Muller was asked by an interviewer to explain his role in Bayern Munich’s system. Müller said that he was a “Ramdeuter.”

Despite not being an amazing finisher, dribbler, or a top-quality playmaker, Thomas Muller is one of the most successful players in German history, and this season he has had 17 assists with only 79% pass success rate and less than 1000 passes.

How is he bad at the visual aspects of football but great at football itself?

What is a Ramdeuter?:

In English, a Ramdeuter refers to a “Someone who interprets space.” “A space interpreter.”
This is very visible in Thomas Muller’s playing style.

Despite not being amazing at dribbling, creating chances, finishing, and not having exceptional physical attributes like speed or strength either, Thomas Müller has had a glittering career under some of the best managers in the world.

A Ramdeuter interprets space using his footballing intellect. He roams around the attacking area in the opponent’s final third and finds space. Using this space, he creates opportunities for his teammates or finishes chances.

A Ramdeuter constantly interprets space and in this way, he contributes to their team’s attack. Their lack of natural footballing talent doesn’t hold them back.

A Ramdeuter is one of the most valuable roles in modern football and so few players can carry it out. A high footballing intellect is rare and this allows them to carry out any role which the system requires. They play the beautiful game with their minds instead of their feet.

Thomas Muller:

No other player is more synonymous with the term Ramdeuter than Thomas Muller. He’s not an elite athlete but with his excellent reading of the game, he always manages to find or create pockets of space in the opponent’s final third.

He’s not a magnificent finisher like his teammate Robert Lewandowski or an exceptional passer like Thiago Alcantara. But with the space that he manages to find, he easily contributes to the team with a short pass or a decent shot. His efforts aren’t spectacular but they are effective.

In simple words, he’s always at the right place at the right time.

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