The key of Newcastle United will be handed the Saudi royal family soon


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Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is buying the ownership of Newcastle United is very old news.Although everything is final, he has not get it yet.However, the key to Newcastle will soon be in the hands of the Saudi royal family.

All matters are now pending by the Premier League Committee. Ownership will be quickly handover to Mohammed bin Salman after all the hassles of paper and pen.

But there has been a mixed reaction among fans to Newcastle United change of ownership. Some are positive about the change of ownership, while others are furious.Some people think that it will upset the balance of the football market while others think that it will make football more competitive. Some have quietly given up on this issue over time.

It is expected that the ownership of ‘The Magpie’s will change drastically by the middle of this month. All in all, the fans have to wait for this day.

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