Nico Schulz: A name of a regret

নিকো স্কালজ: এক আক্ষেপের নাম
নিকো স্কালজ: এক আক্ষেপের নাম

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What does it take to be a complete left wing-back? Speed, dribbling, skill, tackle. The left-back is the position that has suffered the most in the last few years in German defense.

And Nico has everything to make up for the lack. That’s why Dortmund didn’t hesitate to pour money. But in the beginning, all go wrong. Nico super flops there as everyone in Dortmund is busy elevating themselves this season.

Many matches were not played due to injuries. And this effect has also affected the national team. He didn’t get much of a chance in the national team this season. Dortmund is not thinking of selling him later this season. Because everyone knows about its potential.

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If he fails to prove himself then it is a matter of time not to be in the Euro squad. And if that happens, Germany will suffer the most. Because Germany has been suffering from a lack of left-back like him for a long time. Hopefully, he will shine in the rest of the matches this season. And he will be able to take the place in a permanent way.

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