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Netflix’s The English Game is a real football game where you can enjoy the English Game series centered on Netflix’s FA Cup. The 6-episode miniseries was released on Netflix Original Network on March 20. 1879 FA Cup quarter finals. Wealthy club Old Atonians will face working class club Darwin FC. The biggest weapon of the Old Atonians was the English star Arthur Kinnard. Even then, football did not start commercially. But secretly Darwin FC owner Scotland’s popular stars Fergus Suiter and Jimmy Love. Both were the first professional footballers in football history. Old Atonians took a 5-1 lead in the first half of the quarter-finals, but with the help of Fergus Sutter, the game ended 5-5 before the end. This is the beginning of the story. And the story centers on Fergus Sutter and Jimmy Love. You might think it’s just centered on football. Then you are wrong. This series has everything from rich-poor class inequality, factory workers’ pay inequality to love. But people’s love for football has been highlighted. Football has been able to stand up against corruption and forget all differences. The screenplay in some places in the series is very slow which may seem annoying at times but the last episode of the series is bound to make you bloody. The series “The English Game” was created by Julius Fellows, Tony Charles and Oliver Cotton.


IMDB rating 7.6 / 10.

Rotten Tomatoes 50%

FootCricinfo Rating 3/5

Bangla Version: Sourav Xitu

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