Nelson Semedu flop or positioning wrong?

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First I want to talk about Barca philosophy first. Sir Cruyff played with 3-4-3 formation where the wingback goes for the attack.

Later, Barca went for attacking 4-3-3 formation and adhering to their own philosophy. Basically a form of 4-3-3 is 3-4-3. At Pep’s time, the Backs would help more in defense, then the attack.

But Dani Alvez was the exception. He was equal on both the defense and the attack, which is why the board is looking for someone on the right-back who can help with the edge attack. But do we need a wingback in a 4-3-3 formation?

Answer: No. Semedo has repeatedly stood out for the team to climb to the top. Even when he operates on top of Messi, Messi is forced to control the right mid and the defense right side is empty. Played a 3-5-2 formation at Benfica where Semedo was good as a wing-back.

Board made the same mistake again by buying Junior Firpo. Firpo is totally a wingback and defensively weak. Where there are winger, having a midfielder, if the backs go up again and again, then the situation of any team will be worse. So far, the tactical people do not understand when to play.

Which position will be right for whom? Not the whole squad in a pouring way, the whole management needs to be sorted so that they can make decisions in the future by thinking before making all these decisions.

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