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“The 1998 World Cup I was too small!
Football did not understand anything.
My World Cup started in 2002!”

Right then, I saw an amazing boy who scored a goal in the 2002 World Cup as the first football player to score a single head in a tournament! When I saw the ball, it is a strange type of celebration! Gesilo interested to see the boy’s game from that day!

This is the footballer,Who scored the goal with the hand, canceled the goal of the referee, and even if the referee unjustly gave the penalty, he would return it! You have probably understood who I am talking about!
Yes, I’m talking about the World Cup history’s top goal scorer Miroslav Klose!

Wonders the full name of the boy Miroslav Joseph Closa!
Born on June 9, 1978 in Poland!
Many people say klosara birth in Poland?
So how is the German footballer?

Now come the main word …
In 2001, when Closa played in the first season of Kaiserslauten in Bundesliga, she came to the attention of everyone!
Then Poland coach Jürgen Engel came to Germany to take Klas K. Poland to play for Poland National Team!
But Klose returned the offer and said, “I have a German passport!” And he appealed to play in Germany!
Kloster made his debut on 24 March 2001 against Germany in the World Cup qualifying match in Germany.
In the 73rd minute, as a substitute player, he scored a goal in just 2 minutes to give the team a 2-1 win and celebrate the goal with the font slip (With a dash in our language). Four days later, Closas scored in 82 minutes against Greece in the 82nd minute and Germany won 3-2 in that day. In just two minutes, playing just 33 minutes in two matches, two goals were brought to the team by two goals!

Closer made his debut for Germany in the 2002 World Cup in Germany.

Closas is the second highest goalscorer in the inaugural World Cup, along with Revaldo.
There was a hat-trick against Saudi Arabia. The other two goals were against Ireland and Cameroon.
Closa was not fully fit for the Euro 2004 because of the injuries. He did not score as a replacement player in two matches and he did not score a goal. In the 2006 World Cup, he scored two goals in the first match against Costa Rica to give the team a 4-2 win. In the last match of the group stage, Germany became the group champions with a 3-0 win over Ecuador, with Closer two goals. In the quarter-finals, Argentina scored a goal in the 80th minute against Argentina and Closas equalized. Germany, however, won the penalty shootout Closas, who scored 5 goals in this World Cup, is the top scorer of the tournament.

In the 2008 Euro Cup, Podolski received 2 goals in the group stage, Closa scored. Despite not getting a goal in the group stage, Kloster scored two goals against Portugal and Turkey in the quarter-finals, Germany won 3-2 goals in two matches.
Closa scored in the 2010 World Cup against Australia in the first match on 13 June. And through this goal, his goal is equal to the number of goals scored by his former coach Klingman. Closed with a second yellow card in Serbia, Klas left the field in 37 minutes, As a result, Closas could not make it to the next match against Ghana.

Closa scored his 12th World Cup goal against England at the Round of Sixest, And Pelle is equal to his score In that match, he scored 50 goals in 99 games in his international career. In his 100th match, against Argentina, he scored two goals in the quarter with German goalie Jard Muller touching Klose and jointly became the highest scorer in Germany!

In 2012, in the qualifying round of Euro 9 goals and 2 assistants, during that time Clausa became a second-choice succesful striker in Europe, And touched the record for most goals scored by Germany’s Gerrard Müller in 68 goals.
In the 2014 World Cup, he announced that this will be his last World Cup! At that time, there was only one question in Saba,
Can Closa be able to break Ronaldo’s record of 15 goals to be the best ever World Cup goal scorer?
In the friendly match against Armenia on June 6, 2014, the best goal scorer of the best goal scorer was the 68 goals scored by Brendon McCullum, who scored the 69th goal of the highest score in German history! On 21 June, he scored his 15th goal against Ghana against Klaus, World Cup goalscorer jointly with Ronaldo And Closa scored in four World Cups as a third player.
On Jul 8, Brazil’s semifinal opponent Julie Caesar returned for the first time with a backhill pass, but in the second shot, the ball collapsed in the net and then commentator said, “Miroslav Klosta The Ultimate Top Goalscorer in History of World Cup Football!” The history of everyone knows then
Argentina won the World Cup, Germany and the King, as well as the World Cup Klose!
With the retirement of international football, the game continued for a few days club club football lazio!
Germany and Closas were complementary to each other.
A star was fired from the sky of football!
The day when I was crying I cried millions of football lovers!
By the departure of the history pages will remain forever!

Birthday Special content by: Jonayeed Islam

First Published: Monday October 16, 2017

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