Mashrafe’s bracelet was sold out for 42 laks!


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A bracelet for 18 years of happiness and sorrow. 5 lakh was the base price of the bracelet. The bracelet was sold out at auction for 42 lakh taka!

This money will be spent on helping the victims of the Corona disaster. The bracelet was bought by Bangladesh Leasing and Finance Company at auction.

Even if it is sold at auction, the bracelet will be in Mashrafe’s hand. BLFCA chairman Momin-ul-Islam said they wanted to buy the bracelet and give it to Mashrafe again. This gift is given to Mashrafe, the hero of innumerable victories of Bangladesh, which is very insignificant. They have increased the weight of the bracelet or the weight of Mashrafe. Mashrafe’s heart is the heart of his Bangladesh.

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