Marco Reus. Germany’s grief? Or football?


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Marco Reus. Germany’s grief? Or football?

I would say football. The best German talent of the century has been heard from the mouths of many legends. In his 14-year football career, a total of 56 injuries have taken away many moments of his life. But football always teaches a lot beyond competing, and that is how to get back from stumbling in life.

Every time an injury has forced him to give up football, he has returned to the field with thumbs up. He spent most of his career at his birthplace Dortmund’s club. Big money offers from big clubs came more than once, but he did not agree.

He has been called one of the most devoted players in the history of Borussia Dortmund. He also has the identity of politeness as a person. Despite playing more than 500 matches in his career, he has been shown a red card only once.

Basically, the right foot but also the left foot is equally adept at speed, dribbling, crossing, finishing, with an efficient set-piece taker. The football world will surely remember someone who is equally skilled in any position from midfield to forward. Not with a Ballon d’Or a trophy, Marco Reus will be remembered in football history as a heroic fighter who knows how to come back on the field, and how to win hearts.

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