“It was an emotional time and it had to be emotional at that point,” – Wiliamson


“It was an emotional time and it had to be emotional at that point,” — Wiliamson (About loosing the WC final at Lords)

“You very much have to do your next task despite the number of things outside your control and all these bits and pieces of things that happen on a cricket field, you still gotta manage those emotions. After the game, it was quite difficult to make sense of it, but I think the thing we can reflect upon and be proud of the way we played the entire tournament, and we know on that Lord’s ground that 230-240 was gonna be very competitive.

“We knew what we had to do and we got to a competitive total without being special and then taking those wickets with the ball and building pressure was satisfying. I felt you don’t have too much to complain about and we were able to do that and the fact that the game was decided by a number of things that are out of your control is another factor.

“You don’t tend to have too many opportunities to think about those sorts of things. The international schedule, domestic games and with a lot of league cricket, the focus becomes the next game and you don’t really have to think too much about the past.”

“I don’t think your best cricketer necessarily makes the best leader. There are a number of roles associated with it. It’s a difficult thing and definitely and one must look at the role of captaincy and see who fits the bill,” He said about leadership.

About mental challenge he said, “Sometimes you go through a period that could be more challenging than others. It’s about loving the game and all the other parts that come with it. I really enjoy being part of the team and give your best whether it is domestic, international or league cricket, Just enjoy the game.”

On Saturday,in an live chat with David Warner, Kane Wiliamson revealed this.

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