ICC meeting next week: Many decisions may come

ICC meeting next week
ICC meeting next week

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The ICC meeting will be held on May 26 via video conference. Where the coronavirus will make various important decisions in the next cricket as well as the fate of the T20 World Cup to be held in October.

Take a look at the issues that may be decided at this meeting-

  1. T20 World Cup: The T20 World Cup is scheduled to be held in October-November. The ICC could make three decisions about the World Cup in the smallest format due to the coronavirus.
  • Organized in the T20 World Cup with empty stadium.
  • All cricketers in Australia were kept in Quantum for 14 days before the T20 World Cup.
  • Postponement of the T20 World Cup till 2022.

Most likely, the ICC could take a third decision, such as postponing the World Cup. Cause-

  • Lake of playing time for cricketers before the tournament.
  • The BCCI is looking to host the IPL in October.
  1. Revenue: Otherwise, Star Sports will not pay the sponsors for the T20 World Cup. In that case, it will have a big impact on the revenue of the boards under the ICC. In that case, the Australian Cricket Board is surprisingly on the list of small boards. The next meeting of the ICC will discuss how the revenue will be distributed.
  2. Bilateral series: Cricket has been completely shut down for the last two months. Therefore, the busy schedule of the pre-determined bilateral series till the 23rd is in complexity. The ICC meeting will decide when and how the postponed series can be arranged in this busy schedule.
  3. ICC President: ICC President Shashank Manohar may decide whether to remain in office for another two months due to the coronavirus.
  4. Use of spittle to the ball: Due to the epidemic, the use of spittle may be banned for a long time, and punishment may be imposed on it. The ICC may allow the use of something other than spittle, which has long been referred to as ball-tampering. However, that thing can only be used in front of the umpire. The decision to use new balls may also come.

Everything will be finalized at next week’s ICC meeting. Cricket fans have to wait until then to know the final decision.

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