Football may live again


The pandemic Covid-19 brought down the whole world at halt along with football. Football is suspended since the pandemic stroke European land in an extreme measure what leads to an uncertain future.

So, Football may face disaster financially, Billon Euros are at a stake. Though the pandemic is still out there but football is about to roll in pitch again. UEFA has set a deadline of May 25 for all European leagues to outline how they may finish the campaign, reportedly no later than Aug. 2.

Premier League: English League is being halted since March 13,  and more likely 1.3 Billion Euros are at stake if it not resume in time. The league is suspended indefinitely but had an agreement with FA to extend the date as it allows.

June 13 might be the possible date of the return for most followed football league though there is no concrete sign of resumption.

Primera Divison: Spanish league is put to a stoppage since March 10. LaLiga clubs may face a loss of 1.08 billion if not resume sooner. Spanish Football League committee is desperate to start the league. Legnes Manager Javeir Aguirre revealed league may start on June 25. Nevertheless, an official statement is yet to come.

  1. Serie A: On 9th March last match played in Serie A behind the closed doors. The Italian Football Association had suggested a restart for May 31 or June 7, but a delay for a return to training suggests May is now impossible. It means a restart in mid-June is probably the latest possible if the season is to be played out in full otherwise the league will face a loss around 650 million Euros if abandoned.

Bundesliga: Since March 13 The German league is suspended. Now It is officially confirmed the league will be carried out.    This would mean starting the league on May 16 at the latest after two months.

Ligue 1: The decision made by the French government has come as an absolute shock. Paris Saint Germain was declared the Champion of the campaign. Many clubs were unhappy and about to take the league officials to the courtroom. The League faced a loss of up to 360 million Euros.

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