COVID-19 Impact World Football

coronavirus impact football world

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How COVID-19 outbreak football world….

In this time the world facing a very bad situation due to COVID-19. All the activities being paused. Alongside the whole football world stagnant. There will be some issues outbreak the football world. Let’s discuss this.

Club income will be decrease 

The clubs’ income comes mainly from ticket sales, broadcasting rights, and sponsorship agreements. Since the game is completely closed, the clubs are being deprived of this income. On the other hand, their costs are not decreasing that way.
The existence of small clubs will be treated
Most of the small clubs have no much savings. But they have to pay their player and their stuff. Some clubs already declared to a salary cut of their players and coaching staff.

Some club may go bankrupt

Many clubs have loans in different fields. But with the game closed, they are being deprived of income and having to spend to keep the club afloat. Many clubs may go bankrupt after failing to repay this loan.

The careers of many players may come to an end

Lack of fitness can end the careers of many players due to not being in the game for a long time. Many players may fall into formlessness. Many of the senior players, in particular, may have a place in the first tier leagues.

After all, the effects of the coronavirus could change the face of the entire football world. Small clubs can sell good quality players to maintain their existence. This could further increase the power of the top football clubs. The gap between small and big clubs can widen a lot.

-Narattam Gosh

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