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I like sports and that's why I'm here.
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FIFA suspends Chad and Pakistan Membership

FIFA has suspended membership of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) due to political interference. FIFA confirmed the matter through a notice last Wednesday. In 2016,...

FIFA Proposes New Rules For Use 5 Substitutes

Football leagues around the world that were closed for the coronavirus may start again next month. To that end, German clubs have started training, allowing...

Manuel Neuer is staying at Bayern Munich

It is rumored that World Cup-winning German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is set to sign a new contract with Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich is signing...

Florentino Perez Vision 2022 and Real Madrid

In 2022, Florentino Perez will serve 20 years as president twice.  Florentino Perez has some plans to celebrate 20 years. Florentino Perez took charge for the...

The Big Three came forward with the help of damaged tennis players.

The big three came off for tennis The global corona virus epidemic has led to the closure of all sports as well as tennis. Roger Federer,...

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